• Geoterm’s newest project, the innovating Casa Solaris, was started in August 2013. The first house of the mini-housing complex consisting of three private residences was finalized in 2014

• Casa Solaris is a new take on the idea of the “house of tomorrow”, which meets the sustainable building requirements developed by European Union and national bodies

• With Casa Solaris, we are building a house which is:

- Energy efficient – the annual heat consumption is < 50 KWh/ sqm
- Positive energy – it produces more energy than uses to run the house
- Mostly based on renewable energy sources
- Has a healthy, comfortable and controlled indoor climate
- Caring for nature and protective of the environment
Last but not least, financially accessible and feasible with current building technologies

The basic idea is to use Geoterm’s innovative combination of systems to ensure the required energy and comfort parameters, while maintaining relatively low building costs

  • More details on Casa Solaris are provided here!

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The Geoterm Team