• We started Geoterm in 2007 in the field of heat pump based HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) solutions
  • Our initial research was directed toward improving heat pump based systems, where Geoterm has developed innovative solutions for groundwater heat exchangers. Our solutions were implemented in over 50 locations, most of which were individual homes. Furthermore, Geoterm owns a patent (2009) for one of these solutions
  • Our current activity in heat pump based HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) solutions is mainly focused on designing and implementing vertical ground heat exchangers
  • The experience we gained with ground heat exchangers fostered our interest in the development of a new house concept, based entirely on solar energy that is seasonally stored underground. This project, named Casa Solaris (Solaris House), was started in August 2013 and the first house of the ensemble was completed in 2014
  • Since 2015, our expertise has expanded to the field of harnessing the thermal energy of wastewater, through opportunity studies, research and design of specialized equipment for water intake and heat exchange
  • Geoterm offers the following services:
    1.  A broad range of design and implementation services for heat pump based HVAC solutions
    2.  Execution of Thermal Response Test (TRT) si and geothermal boreholes design using the EED software, activities where we have more than 8 years of experience (see Our projects)
    3.  Utilization and applications of renewable energy. Geoterm’s research and development activities and projects are focused on geothermal, solar and wastewater energy
  • Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction are our core values, which underscore the success and professionalism of our outcome. See Our Projects to get insights on how we designed and executed the solutions to answer our customers’ specific needs
  • Do not hesitate to contact us  in the case we can support your business needs.


The Geoterm Team